Beccles Annual Dance

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Annual Dance - All Abilities

Saturday 2nd November 2019 at 7:00pm

Hungate Church Hall, Beccles NR34 9TT

Tickets: £3.00 plus a pltae of food to share


Shiftin' Bobbins   Blooms of Bon Accord
Swiss Lassie   Butterscotch and Honey
The Cashmere Shawl   Trip to Timber Ridge
Scott Meikle   Spiffin'
The Rothsay Rant   Land of the Heather Hills
The Belle of Bon Accord   Staircase in Styria
Ramadan-ce   Midnight Oil
The Scallywag   Greenmantle
Lochanora   The Hazel Tree
The Elephant's Stampede   Mairi's Wedding


Saturday 2 November 2019 - 7:00 pm
Hungate Church Hall, Beccles NR34 9TT