Ipswich Christmas Dance

Ipswich Christmas Dance 3pm Sunday 9th December 2018

3.00 pm Wine Reception for 3.30 pm Dancing

St Alban’s Catholic High School, Digby Road, Ipswich  IP4 3NJ

Christmassy adornments encouraged!

Dance Programme
Streets of Milan J   Catch the Wind R
A Trip to Bavaria R   The Dancing Master J
Glengarry Homestead S   The Cashmere Shawl S
The Cuckoo Clock R   The Black Black Oil R
Jim's Haberdashery J   Mrs Stuart Linnell R
Slytherin House S   The Wind on Loch Fyne S
The Rutland Reel R   Orpington Caledonians R
The Irish Rover R   The Elephant's Stampede J
Lochanora S   St. Columba's Strathspey S
Swiss Lassie R   The Montgomeries' Rant R

All dances will be talked through and only walked where necessary

Tickets @ £6 from Gay Tickler – 01379 586068

Or email: martintickler@hotmail.com

Please bring a plate of food to share & a plate to eat from.

Soft drinks will be provided, bring your own alcohol for supper if you wish

Sunday 9 December 2018 - 3:00 pm
St Alban’s Catholic High School, Digby Road, Ipswich IP4 3NJ