RSCDS Norwich May Ball

Norwich 2019 May Ball Saturday 11th May 2019

Dancing to Craigellachie

Tickets: Dancers £15
Children and non-dancers £7.50
Plus a plate of food per person
From: June Felekkis
66 Leng Crescent, Norwich NR4 7NY
01603 491410

Grand March        
Hooper's Jig J      
The Zoologist J   The Gentlemen S
Sands of Morar S   Nottingham Lace R
Midnight Oil J   Best Set in the Hall J
The Inimitable Derek R   Music O' Spey S
Bonnie Lass of Bon Accord S   192 Miles Home J
Follow your Dreams R   Scotia Sea R
The First Rain of Spring J   Mary Hamilton S
Bonnie Ina Campbell S   Eileen Watt's Reel R
Father Connelly's Jig J   Montgomeries' Rant R
Inverneill House R      


Saturday 11 May 2019 - 6:30 pm
Sprowston Community Academy, Cannerby Lane, Norwich NR7 8NE