Dancing Holiday - Symonds Yat

The following information was provided by Scottish Country Dancing and Walking Holidays.

Re: Symonds Yat Holiday


This year so far we have run two very successful holidays at Harrogate with superb weather and Eastbourne with not as good weather.


The autumn holidays are generally booking well except the holiday at The Paddocks Hotel at Symonds Yat on 16th October which has had a lot of cancellations for various reasons.


As we have sole use of the hotel we need a minimum of 40 guests and at present we only have 25.


Naturally we would like to avoid disappointing those already booked including a group of six who are coming from Pembrokeshire for their first holiday with us.


The dance floor and the walking are both superb and the dance programme will be different from the other two autumn holidays.


As we have not reached our minimum numbers of guests, we have been asked for a much higher deposit and would request all those wishing to book to provide us with a 50% deposit with their booking which we will refund in full if we have to cancel this holiday; any other deposits paid cannot be refunded.


We would be pleased to welcome you on this holiday.


Any cheques should be received by us no later than the 26th May 2017.


We hope to hear from you soon and that you have an enjoyable summer.



The Two Peters-

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