Take a Look

Here are a few video clips to give you an idea of what Scottish Country Dancing is about.

Firstly, here is snippet from the Woodbridge Class Christmas party 2018.


Every year in St Andrews there are four weeks of International Scottish Dance Summer Schools run by the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, with classes in the daytime, and dances and parties in the evenings. 
Here are some YouTube videos from the 2017 Summer School.
Here is an example of one of the informal evening parties.


Evening dances may look more formal but are just as much fun with great music to dance to.


Scottish Country Dancing has a unique slowtime rhythm called Strathspey.  Here is an example.


Finally, there is a huge amount of information about Scottish dancing on the web, including YouTube videos of most dances to show how they are performed.  However, not all dances have been filmed and here is one for which the Woodbridge Group have filled the gap. 


Come and try it out

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