Steps & Technique

Newcomers to any organised activity or sport will meet new terminology and descriptions of moves which are unfamiliar.  Scottish dancing is no different, and it takes a little time to learn the language before you can be completely confident.  We will get you dancing straight away, but it will take some time, and a certain effort, to learn the steps and dance technique so that you get the most enjoyment out of Scottish Country Dancing.  But that is exactly what our dance classes are all about!  We love dancing, and we love to share the knowledge and skill with others.

You may wish to rely on the teacher of a class to bring you up to speed, or additionally you may wish to do a bit of reading and viewing online to learn some of the basics.  We can highly recommend the resources on the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society's (RSCDS) website for an introduction to terminology, steps and some simple formations. There are video clips of many of them.

RSCDS resource - Steps & technique