Terms & Conditions

Scottish groups are invited to submit the details of their dances and events via the Contact/Feedback form which gives guidance on the information needed, including a valid email address.  Normally the a new event will be added to the calendar within a few days, and the sender will be notified by email. When submitting an event, you will be asked to accept these Terms & Conditions.

The information displayed in the What's On Calendar is as provided by local Scottish Dancing groups, and is uploaded on a best effort basis.

The owners and managers of the website accept no liability for errors in the information displayed, but invite the groups submitting information to check accuracy and notify any errors via the website contact form or email.  Amendments will be made at the next update to the site, normally every few days.

The What's On calendar is provided by the Anglo Scottish Society of Ipswich (ASSI) on this website for the promotion of Scottish Dances and Scottish Events run by ASSI and other local Scottish Dance groups in East Anglia.  However it is not limited to these groups, and Scottish Dance related events will be accepted from other sources if deemed appropriate for inclusion. This can include certain types of relevant commercial events, for example, Scottish Dancing holiday breaks, but excludes general commercial advertising.  ASSI and the webmaster of the site reserve the right to reject submissions that are not deemed appropriate. 

Privacy Policy

Any personal information provided with event submissions will be used purely in connection with the requested listing in the What's On calendar.  Typically this would include contact details for the event (email, telephone addresses, etc.) and, if required in the listing, should be included as part of the event description.  By submitting such data, you are giving permission for it to be published on the website. We will not publish personal data other than as part of the What's On calendar listings, and will not pass on the data to any third parties. 

The website operates in secure (HTTPS) mode, so that any information you supply via the contact and event submission forms is encrypted and cannot be seen by 3rd parties.


This site, like virtually all websites, uses cookies. Our use of cookies is purely for the normal operations of the website, and to aid users' navigation within the website.  We set no 3rd party or tracking cookies, do not track usage information and do not pass any information to 3rd parties.  Because of this policy, under the current EU GDPR regulations, we don't need to bother you with cookie consent pop-ups.